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With the 2016 Rio Olympics, billions of eyes around the world are watching athletes represent their countries and do their best to make us proud with record-breaking performances. 

So, is there a way for your local agency to jump on the Olympics bandwagon and go for the gold? Here are 3 ways:

1. Go Online or Go Home

Through live streams, social media updates and constant coverage, the world has been able to follow scores and performances without missing any relevant details. Shouldn’t that be something that your agency wants to replicate?

GovSense can help you provide real-time updates to constituents through a variety of online services, including permitting and licensing, right from your website. This will result in increased efficiency for your employees, allowing them to perform more value-added work. This improvement does not simply automate the current manual process, but it greatly enhances citizen experience and provides your community with countless benefits.

2. Integration

As the Olympic Games connect and unite people from all over the world, your vendor for platforms and applications should be able to do the same.

GovSense has the ability to integrate to almost any business system at the business layer of the application. From email and calendars to GPS and map data, GovSense connects seamlessly to the tools you rely on every day. We integrate with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, so information from GovSense is immediately reflected in your email, contacts, calendar, etc. and vice versa. For example, if you send an email regarding a certain GovSense entry, the email will attach to the record in GovSense. Other standard integrations include DocuSign, a secure online document delivery & signature solution; Box, a cloud based file management system; and Esri, the leading map and geospatial data provider for city and county governments across the country.

With this framework, integration possibilities are endless, making it easier for you to ensure security, accurate documentation and easy ways of communication, amongst others. 

3. Unified Systems

Much like the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) is in charge of pulling together many moving parts for the quadrennial event, your local government agency is in charge of managing all the moving parts within your community to best serve constituents and employees.

GovSense’s applications are all built on one unified platform. With everyone working in the same system, GovSense allows departments to collaborate with one another, alleviates stress on IT personnel, and makes it easy for the finance team to process month end close quickly and accurately.

Day to day tasks are painless on a sophisticated platform that allows for a 360 view of your jurisdiction and, therefore, the ability to better serve your community.

Is your agency ready to step up the game? Contact us to find out how we can help!

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