GovSense Smart City Software - Building Smarter Communities

Every community – no matter the size – can be a smart community.

Seamless interdepartmental collaboration paves the way for greater transparency, fluid communication and happier citizens

At its core, a smarter community is one where multiple sectors cooperate to provide a sustainable, responsive, productive, efficient, transparent, and more engaged government through the analysis of real-time information.

Communities’ expectations of smarter communities are growing as Baby Boomers expect high-functioning civil services and Millennials expect intuitive technology and quick results. GovSense is a smart city software platform that partners with the strongest technology available to bring local governments a truly premium, highly collaborative true-cloud software experience.

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Four ways GovSense smart city software platform enables smarter communities:
  1. Constant Communication – Receive input from the community as well as communicate important information back to them quickly and efficiently.
  2. Limitless Reporting Capabilities – GovSense unites every department, giving quick access to vital information, which helps departments work together to provide the most complete picture when reporting and forecasting projects.
  3. Transparent Workflows – Always know what is happening, when and who is working on what. Information is available at the appropriate fingertips, eliminating redundant status reports and checks-ins, with greater overall efficiencies.
  4. True-cloud Technology – In addition to the dramatic cost savings, true-cloud technology effortlessly enables a more responsive and engaged local government. Every user is always on the most current version of the software and every user has the same experience no matter what device they’re using.
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