The First Unified, True-Cloud Software System Designed Specifically for Local Government

Invest in people; not infrastructure.

Easy-to-use software tailored to your unique requirements

GovSense state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology empowers local government by increasing efficiency across all departments, streamlining processes, increasing the interaction of local government leaders and their constituents and providing the most secure system in the industry. The technology infrastructure ensures you can run your jurisdiction in the cloud with complete confidence, meeting all your current and future needs.

BROCHURE:GovSense Solution Overview

Gain a 360° view of your community

GovSense empowers your jurisdiction with technology that helps you save time and money from improved efficiencies, complete transparency and streamlined operations.

GovSense technology helps pave the way to smarter communities

At its core, a smarter community is one where multiple sectors cooperate to provide a sustainable, responsive, productive, efficient, transparent, and more engaged government through the analysis of real-time information.

There are four main ways that GovSense enables smarter communities:

  1. Constant Communication
  2. Limitless Reporting Capabilities
  3. Transparent Workflows
  4. True-Cloud Technology

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