Business License Software from GovSense

Technology that processes licensing transactions faster
and with complete visibility across your jurisdiction.

Licensing software that supports the needs of both citizens and internal staff for every type of license request

No matter what type of license needs processing (alcohol, business, trade, professional, occupational tax, etc.), GovSense’s business license software helps licensing administrators process the transactions significantly faster. Integrations with other business processes, such as permitting, inspections, or code enforcement, create a seamless process, promote collaboration and increase information visibility across departments.

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business license software - GovSense
GovSense business licensing functionality:
  • Accommodates each jurisdiction’s unique details, restrictions and variables, while still providing a fast, pain-free process to renew.
  • Gives users the ability to generate documents for any license through the user-friendly interface.
  • Allows constituents to access their license application through an online portal where they can view the status, renew online or begin another application.
  • Helps licensing administrators keep pace with ever-increasing demands and regulation complexities.