Local Government Budgeting Software from GovSense

government budgeting software that enables your jurisdiction
to expedite the budgeting process.

Ensure essential constituent services are adequately funded with comprehensive visibility of budgets from all your jurisdiction’s departments

The importance of sound budgeting at the local government level can not be over emphasized since the annual budget determines which projects and services will be funded to serve your communities and constituents. By using the advanced government budgeting software module of GovSense, jurisdictions gain visibility across all departments to report on budget allocations and expenditures with confidence.

In most jurisdictions, slow, static manual planning processes still inhibit the kind of informed decision-making needed to be agile and navigate today’s communities. Our goal is to help you break free from this mold and begin an active planning process. With GovSense you’ll save time, get greater interdepartmental performance visibility and have confidence that the numbers you see will help you make more data-driven budgeting choices to benefit your community.

Unlike many software solutions in the market, GovSense’s local government budgeting software module is easy, powerful and fast. It enables you to easily collaborate across departments, provides you with in-depth and insightful reports and empowers your jurisdiction to adapt in an ever-changing landscape.

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government budgeting software
With the GovSense government budgeting software module, you can:
  • Decrease the time it takes for all departments within the jurisdiction to plan, create, analyze and adjust budgets with quickly customizable budgeting functions.
  • Plan faster and make more informed decisions by all departments within your entire jurisdiction because all stakeholders are working from the same budget produced from a single system that represents “one version of the truth.”
  • Create detailed budgets for capital improvement projects, budget forecasts and audit logs with just a few clicks.
  • Manage financial projections against actuals with powerful, yet easy-to-use budgeting and forecasting tools.