Government Agencies & Constituent Services: Why Online Permitting Will Help your Jurisdiction Achieve Excellence

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Keeping up with permitting demands has traditionally been one of the biggest challenges for local government. Even though most jurisdictions strive to find systems that will help speed up the process, they usually only replicate the manual tasks, ending with the same issues and recurring frustrations. So, if these complications affect communities across the country, shouldn’t there be an easier way to provide this service?

By permitting online in a secure, self-service mode performed by the applicants, you jurisdiction immediately increases worker’s efficiency and frees them to perform more value-added work. This improvement does not simply automate the current manual process, but it greatly enhances it and provides your community with benefits such as:

  • Increased efficiency by eliminating back office paper processes
  • Increased transparency by letting constituents know the status of their permit
  • Increased convenience by letting people pay for permits online
  • Engaging user experience that provide a more real-time, interactive service
  • Enhanced data retrieving as it’s easier to keep track of activities and share information
  • Improved maintenance by hosting a cloud solution that doesn’t need manual updates

The main goal of turning the permitting process to an online service should be bringing information together and facilitating one virtual location where time-consuming formalities can be simplified. Besides being easy to access, this is an excellent way to achieve excellence and strengthen relationships with constituents.

Keep in mind that when important functional parts of your organization, such as permitting, become interactive with your workers and the community, you allow your applicants to submit anytime, anywhere and with any device and any browser. Through this, you improve their overall user experience and satisfaction, as well as saving time and money for your organization while enabling your employees to work on more value-added responsibilities. So, why wait?


Click to download the White Paper: Why Online Permitting Will Help your Jurisdiction Achieve Excellence



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