The Solution that Grows with You

Buy it all at once; or one module at a time.

GovSense software modules offer the flexibility of working standalone, yet are completely integrated so the system can grow along with you

GovSense is the first unified GRP (Government Resource Planning) solution built for local government. We know, however, that your jurisdiction may not be ready to purchase and implement the comprehensive system all at once. Budget and staffing constraints are simply a reality in the world of local governments, so we made sure to build our solution to be completely flexible to meet your needs and abilities. Start with the module or modules that make sense for your specific situation and then add functionality as you grow. Or you can purchase the entire GRP solution all at once and we’ll work with you to develop a phased implementation plan that gets you up and running quickly.

See GovSense in Action

Accounting Budgeting Fund Management HCM/Payroll Utility Billing Asset Management GIS Code Enforcement Licensing Inspections Permitting Planning Economic Development Project Management
We don’t force you to buy the entire GRP Solution all at once...

…you don’t have to worry about a large investment in software that you never fully use.

…you don’t have to worry about spending years trying to implement the entire solution and never finishing.

…you don’t have to worry about internal staffing and training challenges that risk 100% user adoption.

GovSense provides end-to-end functionality for all your jurisdiction's needs. The modules can be purchased all at once or one at a time, and are categorized as follows for clarity in explaining the endless possibilities for inter-departmental collaboration:

Land Management Modules

  • Planning — Manage responsibility, resource allocation and deadlines; monitor open tasks through intuitive, fully configurable dashboards.
  • Permitting — Keep pace with normal and seasonal workloads to serve customers quickly; expedite the permitting process with efficient workflows and status updates.
  • Inspections — Efficiently assign inspectors and gain high visibility into status of projects; automate re-inspections scheduling and fee calculations.
  • Licensing — Auto-generate renewals, emails and payment workflows no matter the type of license being processed; manage holds, alerts and external communications.
  • Code Enforcement — Store municipal codes for easy reference and quickly resolve complaints online; auto-generate notices, emails and letters.
  • GIS — Use geo-spatial data to make informed decisions and build smart communities; connect financial data with spatial data for increased visibility.
  • Economic Development — Utilize CRM to manage entire lifecycles of projects and incentives; collaborate with businesses to ensure business retention and expansion.

Financial Management Modules

  • Accounting — Expedite accounting and closing processes while running accurate, dependable reports; manage compliance by using a single, unified system.
  • Budgeting — Decrease the time it takes to create, analyze and adjust budgets; visibility into all departments allows faster, more informed decision making.
  • Fund Management — Identify the sources of your jurisdiction’s funds; demonstrate how efficiently the funds are being used according to their designated purposes.
  • Asset Management — Create and manage your asset inventory for both tangible and intangible assets; ensure proper utilization, maintenance and disposal.
  • Utility Billing — Utilize online utility billing and payments; reduce the need for in-person visits and decrease the number of overdue bills.
  • HCM/Payroll — Access employee information online to manage the entire process from “hire to retire”; process online payroll, track benefits and evaluate your workforce.
  • Project Management — Plan and manage all types of projects by easily collaborating with all stakeholders; automate tasks, notifications and reminders.