GovSense Utility Billing Software Module

Utility billing software that is
secure, dependable and efficient.

Meet your citizens’ demands for an easy and quick method for making online utility payments, while giving your staff the time they need to analyze reports and consumption trends

Having an online utility billing software is a must have for modern jurisdictions; your constituents demand the ease of online payment and you should take full advantage of the resource savings it provides. Often dismissed as being “easier said than done,” GovSense’s cloud based utility billing solution can truly make it easy for you to provide secure, dependable and efficient online utility billing for major utilities like gas, water, sewage and many more. With GovSense’s user-friendly solution, you can easily bill customers, manage customer accounts and streamline the billing process.

GovSense can help make your processes more streamlined and efficient. Our utility billing software is designed specifically to serve local government, which means we are able to solve your jurisdiction’s unique challenges. Whether you’re looking to analyze utility data trends, maintain a more comprehensive historical record of accounts and services, or provide your constituents with the convenience of a 24/7 online payment portal, GovSense is here to help.

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utility billing software
The Utility Billing software module provides benefits to both the jurisdiction and your citizens by:
  • Reducing in-person visits and phone calls that save constituents’ time and make it easier for you to manage billing history, resolve issues and receive revenue faster.
  • Helping you easily analyze consumption trends based on real-time data.
  • Eliminating paper processes so you have access to complete data and can track payments and historical information.
  • Providing preconfigured reports that facilitate audits, conflict resolutions and increase accuracy of trend data for better decision making.