Economic Development Software from GovSense

Economic development software that helps you build
thriving communities for your citizens and businesses.

Govsense provides the automated collaboration you need with other departments, constituents and businesses to keep your finger on the pulse of your jurisdiction’s growth and vitality

Energize your jurisdiction through economic development initiatives that will lead to financial, social, and quality of life improvements for your community. GovSense’s economic development software module helps you manage the entire lifecycles of projects and incentives, while collaborating with businesses to ensure retention and expansion. GovSense helps your jurisdiction better compete for and win new economic development projects.

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economic development software
GovSense economic development software module features include:
  • Robust CRM functionality that gives you comprehensive data for all companies, brokers, site selectors, tenants, etc., in a “lead to selection” process.
  • Marketing automation features to help you engage with these parties and promote the benefits of developing in your community.
  • The ability to create, manage and assign bonds and incentives to leads, projects and companies whether offered by your community or third parties.
  • Easy-to-use functionality that allow you to leverage your community’s current investment in Esri technologies to empower economic developers to consume and share data on a map.