Cloud Based Software is a Principle; Not a Version

Cloud based software lets you best serve your constituents...
and do it with fewer headaches and sleepless nights.

True-cloud technology lets you keep pace with your constituents’ expectations for easy and secure on-line services

So you’ve decided that you no longer want to maintain and support your software in-house. Congrats! We couldn’t agree more with your decision…and so do the thousands of jurisdictions moving to cloud everyday. True-cloud software allows jurisdictions the freedom to operate without constantly contacting IT, costly downtime due to upgrades and antiquated user-experiences/interfaces.

With the right true-cloud based software, local government jurisdictions can provide easy access to the public to conduct business seamlessly online. The cloud platform takes away all excuses for not collaborating with internal departments, outside agencies, as well as your constituents. After all, all you need to access your true-cloud software is an internet connection!

Cloud-based computing gives you best-in-class data center security systems and disaster recovery at a level no local government jurisdiction can afford. True-cloud based software frees time for the IT staff so they can focus on other important services. Jurisdiction-wide, cloud-based solutions are easy to use, flexible and customizable which affords time to everyone in every role to focus on being strategic change agents for their organizations.


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The benefits of true-cloud based software

GovSense empowers your jurisdiction with technology that helps you save time and money from improved efficiencies, complete transparency and streamlined operations.

  • Everybody using the software is using the same, latest version – Product upgrades are fast, regular and at no additional cost.
  • You can trust the cloud – The state-of-the-art security and technical resources provided by cloud data centers are at a level no single jurisdiction can afford.
  • You don’t have to download any software to your computer – Gone are the days of tedious, problematic and time-consuming software updates that often came with significant service fees from on-premise software vendors.
  • Get access anywhere at any time on any device – Because the software is accessed via the internet, you can work 24/7/365.
  • Get a 360° view of your jurisdiction – True-cloud solutions can be easily integrated with other systems, whether those systems are cloud-based or not.
  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership) – The multi-tenancy approach shares the common aspects of the software while only costing you for any additions necessary and specific to your needs.
  • You can still make a true-cloud system your own – The flexibility to service your own application allows you to manage, maintain and configure it immediately.

BEWARE! Not all hosted software offerings marketed as "cloud" are true cloud solutions.
So how can you tell a true cloud solution from a fake one?

Use this checklist to avoid purchasing a system that is not truly in the cloud.

If the vendor’s answer is NO to any of these questions, scrap the launch and look for a true-cloud solution.

  • Do you host, maintain or manage your own solution?
  • Are ALL of your current customers using the same version of your software?
  • Are software upgrades free of charge?
  • Is it true that consulting or implementation services are not required for software upgrades?
  • Do you provide solutions with an open API? Can customers execute their own business-specific customizations within the system without direct database access?
cloud based software