GovSense for Inspections Departments

Technology that provides the highest visibility to inspectors and projects
ensuring streamlined, quality inspections every time.

Multi-tasking is standard operating procedure for inspection departments and GovSense helps you accomplish all required tasks easily, quickly and more accurately.

Inspections can keep departments extremely busy, especially during peak real estate development seasons. Efficiency in the inspection process is vital to provide the best service possible to your constituents. With the GovSense 360° view of all projects and team members, you can consistently assign the best inspector to each project. With our innovative map feature, your team can quickly understand where your inspectors are at any time geographically and the status of their progress.

DATA SHEET:GovSense Land Management

GovSense enables inspection managers and coordinators to:
  • Delegate project activities and inspections based on trade, location, availability or preference; set up project-specific inspection checklists.
  • Plot color-coded inspections on a map; as an inspector moves from one job to another, the color of the plotted inspection will change accordingly, and you stay informed in real time.
  • Schedule and view all inspections in one form to streamline routing, from any device at any time.
  • Quickly schedule or reassign inspections, set up recurring inspections, process complaints and document calls from contractors from any mobile device.
  • Ensure inspections are conducted and reported consistently to ensure a safe community, while eliminating paperwork with online inspection requests, scheduling and tracking.
  • Integrate meetings and inspections to sync appointments with your calendar whether you use Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal.