Permitting System Software from GovSense

Permitting system software that helps you keep up with the pace
of always-busy permitting departments.

Simplify and speed the complex steps in the permitting process to best serve your constituents

The countless processes, codes and rules that must be followed during the permitting process demand collaboration between departments and efficient workflows. The GovSense unified permitting system software helps jurisdictions keep pace with normal and seasonal workloads to serve constituents quickly.

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permitting system software
GovSense provides permitting professionals the ability to:
  • Cut permit processing and review time significantly, which means jurisdictions receive revenue much faster.
  • Provide high visibility so that inspectors’ geographic, mapped locations are known at all times along with their progress on each scheduled inspection.
  • Offer constituents the option and ability to submit permit applications online.
  • Expedite the permitting process with custom forms that let users add permit requests quickly and subsequently alerts the next person in the workflow to take action.
  • Give immediate access to data with a point-and-click report writer and global searches that help answer questions from constituents immediately.