Local Government Asset Management from GovSense

Local government asset management technology that helps ensure you are in strict compliance
with your asset management policy.

Accurately account for, manage and improve utilization of all your jurisdiction’s assets to best provide services to your citizens

GovSense’s local government asset management module helps you precisely manage the wide variety of assets your jurisdiction uses to deliver quality services to your constituents. The software makes it easy for you to meet the strict requirements of your asset management policy, developed to ensure tax dollars spent on assets are fully utilized, maintained and safeguarded.

DATA SHEET:GovSense Financial Management

GovSense's local government asset management module lets you systematically and consistently account for and inventory all assets by:
  • Maintaining your established capitalization thresholds to accurately classify property as capital assets or operating costs.
  • Providing inter-departmental collaboration to report asset changes in a timely manner, such as asset transfers, dispositions or acquisitions.
  • Run preconfigured reports, such as asset registers and depreciation schedules, including reports that help facilitate periodic inventories and assessments of property condition.
  • Tracking maintenance records and notifications of needed service and repairs to improve asset utilization and extend the life and performance of the asset investments.