Leadership Team Members

Technology to empower communities.

The GovSense founders have over 40 years of experience with on-premise solutions consulting private companies in professional services

They leverage the cloud and what they know about companies’ processes to improve government processes in a revolutionary way. Not only does the GovSense team know how to manage professional services for your organization, they also know how to manage them internally — managing people, time and tasks. Putting these services in the cloud allows GovSense to achieve these goals better, smarter and faster!

Paul Cammisa


GovSense Co-Founder Paul Cammisa has over 30 years of finance, technology and business operations experience and has managed and supported multinational enterprises as well as small to medium sized organizations. Paul brings his expertise in the areas of business and systems strategy, systems design and implementation, financial and operations management, and business process improvement to local governments.

Gary McTall


GovSense co-founder Gary McTall spent 10 years consulting and designing software solutions for local governments, but he was always running into limitations in the on-premise software. After consulting private equity firms and software companies on cloud solutions, he felt it was imperative to bring innovation to government.