GovSense for Code Enforcement Departments

Technology that simplifies, automates and speeds
the entire code enforcement process.

GovSense modernizes your code enforcement process helping officers and all code enforcement staff work more efficiently to provide the best service to your community’s citizens

The GovSense Code Enforcement software module simplifies the resolution of municipal code violations for both code enforcement officers as well as constituents. Constituents see resolution in minutes instead of months with the system’s streamlined ability to receive complaints and process them through the workflow.

DATA SHEET:GovSense Land Management

GovSense enables constituents or users to:
  • Report violations on the web which expedites the process for the code enforcement officers to inspect the violation and submit the appropriate action – warnings, fines, etc.
  • Manage violations and complaints with an easy-to-use dashboard from which they can generate configurable and dynamic letters via mail merges.
  • Utilize the calendar function to manage hearing dates, times and locations, with location information connected within the software to display other cases that have been attached to a specific location.
  • Set real-time alerts on cases that can be adjusted to fit the particular details of each violation case.
  • Integrate GovSense to your email platform, so that any emails users receive about a particular case are automatically attached to the record.