No Reliance on IT

Benefit from the multi-tenancy approach of a true-cloud solution.

Cloud technology lets you invest in people, not infrastructure

The cloud frees time for your IT staff so they can focus on other important services, like making sure their jurisdiction’s internet connectivity is excellent. They no longer have to worry about keeping on-premise hardware operational, especially when using servers that crash during spikes in use. IT teams can now evolve to focus on innovative technologies, superb internet connectivity and remote user support.

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cloud based software
The benefits of true cloud software:
  • Everybody using the software is using the same, latest version – product upgrades are fast, regular and at no additional cost. There are no compatibility issues nor hidden fees.
  • You can trust the cloud – the state-of-the-art security and technical resources provided by cloud data centers are at a level no single jurisdiction can afford.
  • You don’t have to download any software to your computer – gone are the days of tedious, problematic and time consuming software upgrades that often came with significant service fees from on-premise software vendors.
  • Get access anywhere at any time on any device – because the software is accessed via the internet, you can work 24/7/365.
  • Get a 360° view of your business – true-cloud solutions can be easily integrated with other systems, whether those systems are cloud based or not.
  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership) – the multi-tenancy approach shares the common aspects of the software while only costing you for any additions necessary and specific to your needs.
  • You can still make a true-cloud system your own – the flexibility to service your own application allows you to manage, maintain and configure it immediately.
GovSense provides the cloud infrastructure so that you can run all your necessary applications in the cloud with complete confidence
  • Use of cloud technology has not only changed the focus of IT professionals, but has also enabled system end users to move into the realm of promoting thought-leadership. Cloud-based software is easy to use, flexible and customizable which affords time to everyone in every role using the system to focus on being strategic change agents for their organizations. This approach has the ability within the public sector to provide the best possible services to their constituents and save tax dollars while doing so. The key is to invest in people, not infrastructure.
  • GovSense software solution provides enterprise-class data management, security and availability that helps ensure your jurisdiction is resilient to security breaches and strengthens your Business Continuity Plan. Reliance on cloud computing takes care of your worries about your critical data with security and IT resources that no single jurisdiction can possibly afford.