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Securely access all your information on the go.

Got internet access?
You’re ready to work - 24/7/365 access!

As a true-cloud solution, GovSense does not require any purchases of hardware, plug-ins or add-ons to operate. The GovSense user interface is designed in HTML5 to ensure a true responsive environment for any device (desktop, mobile, or tablet). The only thing required to operate GovSense is an internet connection. GovSense supports any modern browser and version.

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Get access anywhere at any time on any device

Because GovSense software is accessed via the internet, work can be done 24/7/365. This instant access from anywhere guarantees that there are no barriers standing in the way of your talented team and your demanding constituents completing their tasks.

  • Data can be securely accessed on the go which helps your department teams serve your jurisdictions better.
  • Constituents expect complete flexibility in using your online system at any time and with any device – it’s simply the way of the world now! GovSense gives them that ability which means fewer complaints for you.
  • Your workforce in the field will see increased levels of efficiencies like never before, as well as more accurate information since data no longer must be key entered from written forms.
  • GovSense is supported in all modern browsers and versions, and is designed to give you a responsive and consistent mobile user experience.
The GovSense mobile strategy has some additional benefits that are rarely considered:
  • New user training is much more efficient and easy since the software will look the same for every user in each department, no matter if they are in the office or connected in the field. GovSense is engineered to render appropriately for each device to provide a consistent look, touch and feel for all users.
  • Mobile access supports your Business Continuity Plan by providing system access during disaster situations. If you have internet access and your mobile devices are charged, then you can keep your services going for your citizens and employees. And you can do that from anywhere, so if you’re able to safely travel to an unaffected location, you can keep functioning and avoid interfering with internet and utility services needed by emergency personnel and facilities in devastated areas.