GovSense Reporting & Dashboards

Technology that includes an easy-to-use, point-and-click report writer
that can be set up to produce reports and dashboards quickly.

GovSense makes users self-sufficient, enabling them to define, save, schedule, run and deliver any of these reports and dashboards at any time or at any cadence

Any information within the application can be included on a report and dashboard, resulting in less wasted time, fewer missed tasks and high engagement from your jurisdiction’s users. GovSense meets the expansive demands for communities who need to report to a wide variety of stakeholders, including internal users, internal customers, regulatory committees, supervisory staff, auditors, and constituents.

See the GovSense Reports & Dashboards in Action

Here are just a few of the fast, powerful and easy features of GovSense reports and dashboards:
  • Dashboards can be user-defined, customized and configured, giving users the information they need and use most frequently, displayed the way they need to see it.
  • Dashboards can be socialized with any person you choose, based on their role, department or simply their user name. This feature also means that any other users are restricted from seeing the dashboards, giving you a very suitable tool for sharing confidential information.
  • Reports can be sent to any person without the need of a user license or Crystal Reports.
  • Ad-hoc reporting can be accessed in all modules and roles.
  • Reports can be saved as Favorites and can be refreshed at any time with real-time information and data.