Get More from Your Unified True-Cloud Solution
for Local Government

GovSense makes sure your customer experience is extraordinary

GovSense provides Professional Services from consultants who have walked a mile in your shoes. Whether you’re implementing GovSense software or engaging with us for a unique business consulting initiative, you’ll enjoy the dedication and extensive real-world expertise of GovSense staff. We take pride in becoming your trusted business advisor and proactively monitor, anticipate and plan for your current and future needs. Stated differently, you don’t have to reach out for help; we’ll already be there.

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Every jurisdiction’s situation is unique and yours is no exception

That’s why, first and foremost, we LISTEN. We want you at peak performance FAST. We’ll work side-by-side with your team to transform your jurisdiction to achieve your vision of success. Here’s how:

  • GovSense consultants are dedicated to providing you with a Customer Experience that is second to none. Each member of our team commits every single day ​to help our customers thrive and ​reach levels of success they ​never thought possible.​
  • Implementation services that get your GovSense solution up and running in just weeks and months; not months and years.
  • Proven initiatives to ensure comprehensive User Adoption of your new software solution that go far beyond typical software training.
  • Client Support model that ensures quick response to your inquiries to make sure your work is not interrupted.
The GovSense advantage

GovSense was created to bring quality software and premier consulting services to local government. We understand the operational requirements our clients need to service constituents and customers on a daily basis. Therefore, while developing our flexible, easy-to-use software, we ensured that implementation and support services were streamlined for ease-of-use and improved user experience during and post-implementation.

GovSense consultants have years of experience in consulting and Government Resource Planning (GRP) implementation. Our experience ranges from growing municipalities striving to reach their full potential to governments working to ensure long-term planning initiatives. We have experience in consulting and supporting departments such as Planning, Permitting, Inspections, Licensing, Code Enforcement, GIS, Economic Development, Accounting, Budgeting, Fund Management, Asset Management, Utility Billing, HCM/Payroll and Project Management.

Accounting Budgeting Fund Management HCM/Payroll Utility Billing Asset Management GIS Code Enforcement Licensing Inspections Permitting Planning Economic Development Project Management