Constant Training Throughout the
Entire Implementation Project

Comprehensive collaboration and constant training results in high user adoption rates.

Our goal is to make you self-sufficient and not dependent on us

The GovSense Professional Services team provides training to your core implementation staff as functionality is reviewed, requirements are finalized, and the solution is built. General end-user training will be available throughout all phases of the project. Training is a key component of the implementation strategy and means we listen to you first to understand your unique needs, involving every user and every business process owner.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of across-the-board user adoption to the success of your system implementation and to achieving the comprehensive business benefits of the software solution.

Here are the reasons comprehensive and continuous training helps ensure universal dedication to the GovSense solution:

  1. It All Starts at the Top – We work with jurisdiction leaders to ensure we’re all on the same page from the very beginning in complete support of resource dedication to training.
  2. We Listen First to Your Unique Needs – We’ll work with you to define exactly what you need to do up front to coordinate and ensure cooperation for user training.
  3. We Don’t Want You Dependent on Us – Unlike other solution providers, our goal is to make you self-sufficient. While we are always there when you need help, we make sure you are completely immersed in your new GovSense solution so you work with confidence.
  4. We provide pre-project kickoff training assignments to make sure all team members are thoroughly prepared for the project and can “hit the ground running.”
  5. Classroom-style post-project kickoff training with GovSense, provides structured, engaging presentations and hands-on guidance using a complete training version of the software.
  6. We provide configuration training scenarios that align with user stories and requirements you define.