GovSense Cloud Software Strengthens
Your Business Continuity Plan

Don’t be caught without a plan and systems that
enable you to be resilient through any catastrophe.

Develop a step-by-step plan so you can recover from any disasters that impede your ability to provide services to your community

A disaster serious enough to halt your day-to-day operations can be anything from a devastating tornado to a twelve-hour power outage to a cyber-attack to even losing a key employee with unique knowledge. We all need to plan for these worst-case scenarios, but the best Business Continuity Plans all include reliance on cloud computing to take care of the worries about your critical data. Helpful tips for developing plans can be found at, the official website of the US Department of Homeland Security. Having a documented plan, that includes the steps your IT team needs to take to recover data, will ensure a more calm, organized and level-headed approach to getting your jurisdiction functioning again quickly. You want to make sure you are able to continue servicing your constituents with as little interruption as possible.

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How the GovSense true-cloud solution does the work for you

All production data is stored immediately to redundant locations. “Hot backups” can restore your data rapidly and reliably. Extensive disaster recovery documents ensure crisis management is handled promptly and without fanfare.

  • Application Security – Advanced functionality secures the application including role-based access, strong encryption, robust password policies and more.
  • Operational Security – Stringent round-the-clock monitoring tools, controls and policies and a dedicated tenured security team ensure the strongest security for customers.
  • Data Management – Data management policies and infrastructure provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your data is completely replicated, backed up and available whenever you need it. You enjoy reduced risk with enterprise-class data management processes and policies. Multiple levels of redundancy ensure you get continuous access to your data, and replication and synchronization across data centers provide you with the utmost disaster recovery confidence.
  • Availability – GovSense’s redundant infrastructure enables it to provide world-class uptime, including during upgrades, averaging 99.96%.
Once is one time too many

It takes just one time of not being prepared for a disaster to wipe out most of what your jurisdiction has worked so hard to achieve. Your critical services will be impacted, your constituents will suffer and you’ll have a ton of extra expenses for which you did not budget. Don’t let that scenario play out once, much less make a repeat appearance.

GovSense removes a great deal of worry from disaster scenarios by giving your IT team the time and resources they need to focus on making sure you have internet access. If you have internet access, even through a mobile device, then you can access GovSense to keep your services going for your citizens.