Trust Your Enterprise Data

Rely on a single version of the truth across all departments.

Run your entire jurisdiction with the GovSense GRP (Government Resource Planning) solution

Does this scenario sound familiar? As your community has grown and evolved, you’ve continually added disparate software systems that are only loosely connected with brittle integrations that demand attention with every upgrade. This complexity decelerates the speed of your growth, forces inefficient processes that cost you operational dollars and produces risky reports with information you can’t trust to make good decisions that benefit your citizens. Instead, let GovSense enable you to manage all your jurisdiction’s real-time data from a single, cloud-based platform, with stable integrations that produce data you can trust.

See GovSense in Action

How do you know that it’s time to switch to a unified software solution?

Here are the symptoms that let you know you’ve become entangled in a rat’s nest of business systems:

  • Things are getting harder to keep track of.
  • There is no reporting, it takes a long time or is unreliable.
  • It takes multiple conversations to get to the “truth”.
  • Departmental data isn’t really “connected”, and you spend more time trying to fix inconsistencies than studying and learning from the data.
  • When things go wrong, you have limited understanding of what actually happened, why it happened and who was involved.
  • The IT group is maintaining multiple server and client configurations.
  • There’s a constant flow of consultants tweaking products.
  • Integrations keep breaking and have become so complex that they take days or weeks to fix.
Get a simplified yet stronger decision-making process just by consolidating your data in a unified location

If you’re caught in the rat’s nest of multiple, disparate systems or if you’re still using an outdated system and frustrated with Excel spreadsheets that are far too large to be accurate, achieving impactful benefits can seem impossible. As your jurisdiction continues to grow, you must deploy technology solutions and best practices that keep your growth and community vitality on the fast track.

GovSense is uniquely qualified to help you implement software functionality and business processes that ensure your entire jurisdiction operates and makes decisions using a “single version of the truth.” With robust, yet affordable solutions, you’ll kick-start your growth and success well into the future.

In addition, with your data stored safely in one unified location in the cloud, you have a huge advantage for your Business Continuity Plan. A disaster serious enough to halt your day-to-day operations is not to be taken lightly and can be anything from a devastating tornado to a twelve-hour power outage to a cyber-attack to even losing a key employee with unique knowledge. We all need to plan for these worst-case scenarios, but the best Business Continuity Plans we’ve seen all include reliance on cloud computing to take care of the worries about your critical data.