DocuSign is a secure and trusted document delivery and signature solution for permitting and inspection. DocuSign enables teams to submit permits to applicants, contractors, architects and engineers who can legally execute those documents from anywhere. GovSense is the first land management provider to go to market with this type of solution. The time-savings and error reduction is invaluable.

Environmental Services Research Institute (Esri) provides the maps of choice for city and county governments in the U.S. The Esri map is user-friendly and has an especially useful spatial database creating layers in the map that reflect each layer in the data. Not only can GovSense leverage and display the information on the map, but it also interacts with the multitude of layers behind the scenes, valuably connecting financial data with spatial data.

Box is an enterprise-level cloud-based document management where users securely share, collaborate and host information. By integrating with GovSense, any document attached in the GovSense system will automatically sync to Box. Even if other departments aren’t using GovSense, but are using Box, they can attach documents to the GovSense case.

Consolidated User Management We integrate with Microsoft tools, so information from GovSense is immediately reflected in your email, contacts, calendar, etc. and vice versa. For example, if you send an email regarding a certain GovSense entry, the email will attach to the record in GovSense.

The ability to integrate with other platforms is included in the DNA of GovFramework itself.

Financial Systems

While GovSense is a complete cloud ERP that manages finances, operations and procedures, we can integrate with third party finance systems of our clients’ choice.

Multiple Digital Plan Review Providers

By enabling departments to review plans digitally, we increase collaboration across departments and decrease the time investment needed to review.

IVR Providers

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Enables departments to establish call center capabilities, call routing, project, inspection and permit information and scheduling.


At its core, GovSense and GovFramework has the ability to integrate to almost any business system at the business layer of the application. With this framework, integration possibilities are endless.

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