GovSense Workflows

Technology that makes it easy to streamline
and automate workflows for your unique processes.

GovSense offers you the ability to easily create your own custom workflows or enjoy the system’s pre-built workflows

The GovSense workflow wizard makes it easy to quickly add buttons, approvals and re-routing of information. Task assignments can be sent to individual and department staff, and completion and allocation can be tracked. Screen elements can be changed easily by dragging and dropping items to the desired positions to improve efficiency for each individual user without the need of IT or programming code. GovSense also has the ability to learn and adapt to the system work patterns of users, increasing user efficiency with streamlined processes and reduced steps.

See the GovSense Workflows in Action

Here are just a few of the fast, powerful and easy features of GovSense workflows:
  • GovSense will increase productivity because it can adapt to any jurisdictional workflow quickly and easily without the need of IT or source code
  • Extremely easy-to-use workflow wizard that can streamline and automate processes for any jurisdiction’s use case
  • Leveraging drag and drop functionality, users can add buttons, change approvals and re-route information to any user inside or outside of your jurisdiction
  • Ensure constituents stay well informed with automated updates via email along the approval processes
  • Task assignments can be sent to any individual and department staff detailing allocations and completions