GovSense for Planners

Planners are the cornerstone of the planning department.

With so much work to complete in such a short amount of time, we built GovSense with you in mind. GovSense can help you complete your tasks faster and with minimal errors.


Schedule meetings quickly in our calendar module.

Do you have a hearing coming up? No problem. With our Quick Add feature, you can simply add the date to the calendar, notifying whomever you’d like and move on with your to-do list.

Keep all of your research in one centralized location.

With GovSense, you can easily keep everything connected to your research in one place. Save documents, link records and connect contacts all within this one system.

Easily generate letters.

Use GovSense to generate letters via our Drag-and-Drop interface with merge fields and templates.
Select a location, define a radius and simply push the button “Create Letters.” From there, GovSense grabs the Ownership data from the map and creates a record for each parcel / address. Pick the template you want to use or creates a new template and GovSense will merge the data for you.

Manage your data packets.

As you build packets to present your plan recommendations, manage everything in one place. Any correspondence regarding each plan is attached in GovSense, giving you fast access to any documents you may need.

Create your own unique workflows.

GovSense enables you to create workflows that are as unique as your role. Repurpose the workflow templates to create additional efficiencies in your day.

GovSense is changing how government collaborates by empowering planning departments in:
  • Project management
  • Application submission
  • Resource management
  • Responsibility routing
  • Timesheet management
  • Hearing, activity & event calendars
  • Configurable documents & reports
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Site visits & inspection management
  • 360 View – project / customer / location

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