GovSense for Budgeting




The importance of sound budgeting at the local government level can not be over emphasized since the annual budget determines which projects and services will be funded to serve your communities and constituents. By using the advanced budgeting capabilities of the GovSense software system, jurisdictions gain visibility across all departments to report on budget allocations and expenditures with confidence.

Shorten the Budgeting
Process Cycle

Decrease the time it takes to create, analyze and adjust budgets with our quickly customizable budgeting functions that enable you to present a more timely, precise, and complete budget for public feedback and legislative adoption.

Eliminate Silo

With one, unified system used across all departments in your jurisdiction, you eliminate duplicate line items, ensure full accountability and guarantee all necessary initiatives and projects are considered for funding.

Make Faster, More
Informed Decisions

Plan faster and make more informed decisions for your entire jurisdiction because all departments and stakeholders are working from the same budget produced from a single system that represents “one version of the truth.”


Increase Accuracy of
Revenue Projections

Efficiently and easily track revenue from all sources – taxes, fees and charges, grants – in one unified system to better project future trends based on historical data. This enables you to know how to best adjust tax rates and other charges to keep your budget balanced.

Efficiently Manage
Capital Budgets

Stay constantly aware of the status of your multi-year capital projects budgets, including debt management. Easily update capital budgets annually and make necessary adjustments to manage these critical major investments.

Ensure Your Budgets
Remain Balanced

Monitor financial projections against actuals with powerful, yet straightforward budgeting and forecasting tools. Preemptively act to correct discrepancies before they become detrimental to your jurisdiction’s ability to maintain a balanced budget.

Transparent Fund

Alleviate your fund accounting challenges with configurable workflows that support the
checks and balances you need to stay on track and accountable for your multiple fund budgets.

Easy-to-Use Planning

Create detailed personnel planning for capital improvement projects, budget forecasts and audit logs with just a few clicks. High system user adoption help ensure transparency to information across departments.

Reduce Time Spent
on Reporting

Get real-time, on-demand reports and dashboards that you can easily configure yourself and that include any of the information stored in the system by any department from any location.

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