Flexible Maintenance and Support
to Fit Your Unique Needs

GovSense maintenance and support assures your extraordinary customer experience.

GovSense customer support gives you the kind of help you need, when and how you want it

Our goal is to make you self-sufficient with your GovSense software solution, but we know that there will be times when you need help from us or have questions. That’s why we have several options for support and contacting us…

24/7 customer support
  • Support includes 24/7 Customer Portal Access for up to two users
  • Email and phone support based in our Alpharetta, Georgia office from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Eastern Time
  • On-demand communication platform to screen share and assist customers with specific issues
  • 24/7 help using the on-demand knowledge base
Severity Level Description Response Time
  • Mission-Critical Impact
  • SaaS Services or System Down
  • Software Application cannot be accessed over a public internet connection
Within four (4) hours
  • Business Productivity Impact
  • Isolated issue that adversely affects normal business operations
Within two (2) business days
  • Minor Service Impact
  • Minor component of functionality does not operate as intended
  • Most normal business operations can still be performed
Within thirty (30) business days
Good things to know about maintenance, support and software releases
  • Maintenance and support includes software patches, new releases and upgrades.
  • Customers do not pay any incremental costs associated with system enhancements.
  • Every user is always on the latest version.
  • New releases with product enhancements are done twice a year, typically in April and September.
  • Software updates are usually administered on Saturday evenings.
  • GovSense will send reminders of new software when it is released.
  • Release dates and notes associated with new features and functionality are readily available on the home page of GovSense when you log in.
  • You never have to worry about any downtime that comes with installing a plug-in or new software to individual computers.
  • There is no cost for maintenance of the software.