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The benefits of adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are extensive when it comes to local government agencies. To achieve these benefits, however, the implementation process offered by the vendor is key in order to collaboratively develop an inclusive, adaptable software that works efficiently across departments.

During our experience serving local government and providing ERP implementation, we have developed a plan based on the agile methodology approach. Some of the benefits of the agile approach include:

  • Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of useful software
  • Working software is delivered quickly and more frequently (weeks rather than months)
  • Close, daily cooperation between power-users and consultants
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design
  • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances
  • Late changes in requirements are welcomed

Our Four Step Implementation


Phase 1: Plan

The first step of our implementation process is having a PS Project Manager (PM) and Business Analyst (BA) from our team partner with the jurisdiction and define detailed business objectives and requirements through working models sessions. We will review existing processes and agree to a project plan that identifies how and when the GovSense solution will be delivered and the benefits to be achieved. Finally, we define dates, business processes and configuration requirements to make sure that our client is fully satisfied.

Phase 2: Configure

The second part of our implementation plan is setting up and configuring the application, based upon the business processes and configuration requirements captured in working models. Once finalized data and templates have been uploaded, we provide a series of review meetings to help ensure progress and accuracy.

Phase 3: Test

During this phase, the configured GovSense environment are made available for the jurisdiction to test and practice. Our Project Manager may also provide generic test scripts that the jurisdiction can customize per the specific user roles, solution scope, and business processes. Some of these tests include transactions to validate the solution works as expected in the sandbox.

Phase 4: Publish

Deployment is a constant process of approved validation. GovSense aims to show constant success in the deployment to improve user buy-in.

Throughout this phase, the PM will be available to address any challenges the jurisdiction may encounter within the system. Upon successful conclusion of these steps, the jurisdiction is formally transitioned to the GovSense Customer Support team for ongoing assistance and account management.

To learn more about how GovSense can help your jurisdiction, contact us!

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