7 Steps to Getting Your Head in the Cloud: Step 4

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Part four of a seven blog series on cloud computing for public sector.

Ditch the Dinosaurs… Evolve Your Technology in a Matter of Minutes

No matter your age, it’s pretty difficult for anyone to say they still don’t love dinosaurs. It’s just something you don’t easily outgrow. On the other hand, we are certain that we all feel true disdain for outdated business systems. You can not provide your citizens nor your workforce with the information they need at any time, from anywhere and on any device with a lumbering, T-Rex sized system that ravenously consumes your data, but then refuses to give it back in the form of accurate, instant and intelligent reports.

Lack of Good Reporting Causes Bad Business Decisions

A common complaint we hear all too often is that departments within local governments simply can not easily retrieve meaningful reports from their legacy systems… sometimes not at all. And don’t even think about trying to aggregate information about what’s going on in a completely different department.

True-cloud systems provide real-time, on-demand reports that you can easily configure yourself and that include any of the information stored in the system by any department from any location. Dashboards are updated instantly and should be the first thing you look at each morning when you log in to your cloud ERP system. You get all the information you need to react to problems proactively, schedule workforce and projects, check expenditures versus available budget and guarantee that you’ll make the very best business decisions for your community.

Working in silos with no inter-departmental collaboration is the downfall of so many local government organizations. We see it all the time. Sure proof of this is when we attend one of many government conferences and the talk of the day is a success story about how a local jurisdiction collaborated within their own departments, as well as other outside government bureaus, to successfully complete a project on time and in budget. Why should this be news?

You need to evolve your systems to match how the world functions technologically today and also be flexible enough to constantly change with technology advances; which seem to happen every single day! Stay one step ahead of the game and you’ll have a well-functioning government entity.

Replace Your Outdated ERP with a True-Cloud ERP System that Can Begin Delivering Value to You and Your Constituents Quickly

If the mere thought of migrating to a new system makes you feel like you’re being chased by that T-Rex, have no fear. Not only will you survive the new system implementation, but you’ll be the hero amongst your co-workers and citizens as the person who brought cloud computing to your jurisdiction. Here’s what we have discovered after years of experience implementing cloud-based software systems:

  • Make sure the implementation approach is driven by business process, not technology — We’ve had repeated success because our team works with you as trusted business advisers for your jurisdiction and departments, focusing on what is most important to you. We create a methodology and plan tailored specifically around your business objectives, rather than the technology that propels them.
  • Purchase a cloud-solution that can be implemented in a matter of weeks; not months or years — Get rapid time to value for all departments, regardless of what challenges each specific area faces. We’re able to deliver user-friendly software at light-speed because our solution is in the cloud and all business functions can be performed remotely, significantly reducing costs and travel time.
  • Use the agile implementation methodology which minimizes errors, speeds up time to value and decreases workforce and constituents’ wait time
    • Projects are broken down into smaller “sprints,” giving multiple phases for testing and feedback.
    • Throughout the process, you see a continuous delivery of useful and working software.
    • Close, daily collaboration between you and developers.
    • Low-code product model lessens need for developers.
    • Continuous attention to technical and design excellence.
    • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.
    • Late changes in requirements can be accommodated.

Contact us at info@govsense.com for more!

Next week’s blog:

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