Smart Cities and Smarter Cybersecurity: How the Cloud Can Protect Your Jurisdiction

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As government agencies shift from old-fashioned software to more sophisticated technologies that allow them to better serve constituents, cyber-risks also increase considerably. For this reason, part of becoming a smart city is choosing the right solutions that will provide smarter cybersecurity.

So, how can your community address these potential threats?

A View From The Cloud

Even though adopting cloud solutions offers a wide variety of benefits for local government, cybersecurity is on top of the list thanks to its enhanced capabilities.

Unified cloud solutions offer continuous security monitoring through:

  • Numerous intrusion detection systems (IDS) to identify malicious traffic attempting to access its networks
  • Any unauthorized attempts to access the data center are blocked, and unauthorized connection attempts are logged and investigated
  • Enterprise-grade anti-virus software guards against trojans, worms, viruses and other malware from affecting the software and applications


Uptime, security and support are a given in the cloud as it is built to give your team access to systems from anywhere and provide exceptional uptime and advanced privacy protections.

To learn more about how GovSense can help you keep building smarter communities as well as a more safe cybersecurity framework, contact us!

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