Recession-Proof Your Local Government

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Many are concerned that the economic problems in China combined with the impact of lower oil prices on oil producers will drag the US into another recession. Even if that’s true, we have just the solution that will protect your local government from the effects of a recession.

Because GovSense is a true cloud solution, it reduces most of the costs that are associated with traditional on-premise solutions.

Avoid layoffs.

The cloud eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software as well as the maintenance that goes along with those. By cutting hardware and software capital expenditures, you have the budget to invest in people and they, in turn, have more bandwidth to focus on more strategic, value-additive projects. With real-time metrics, GovSense is able to meticulously track resource allocation and time spent on various projects to see value over time.

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Stop investing in point solutions.

If you have one solution for every department, you’re spending unnecessarily and creating more work for your team members because those solutions won’t communicate seamlessly. With the cloud, the needs of the entire jurisdiction are met. Valuable to multiple departments, cloud solutions are more versatile, cost effective and show faster results for a smarter community.

If you’re looking for a recession-proof solution for your jurisdiction, give us a call!


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