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As we’re sure you know, keeping up with everything going on in your department sometimes seems impossible. Sticky notes, emails, public hearings – at some point, without proper controls, there will be something to fall through a crack somewhere.

Unless of course you are leveraging a unified solution that communicates between teams, departments, and customers (architects, engineers, applicants, etc.). Doing this seems like something from the future but we can assure you it exists today and thousands of teams are leveraging it daily in the cloud.

Utilizing a true-cloud solution like GovSense gives you a major advantage over sticky notes, informal communication and paper-based automation.

Transparent communication

You are able to provide a transparent experience for all departments and customers alike. For example, collaboration has never been easier with GovSense’s social plug-in. Tag employees, colleagues and more using familiar social media features right from the project or plan review screens.



Easy resource allocation

Another great feature is resource allocation to track hard and soft commitments to tasks across an entire project leveraging GovSense’s real-time dashboards, giving you complete visibility into all activities going on in the system.

Great visualization

Harnessing the power of Esri’s ArcGIS Online + GovSense, you can combine two powerful cloud-platforms to marry data for powerful storyboards, presentations and visual greatness. GovSense gives a 360-degree view of projects, customers and locations. So with a few clicks, you can understand exactly where the entire team is and where all of the projects are in progress.

Want to learn more about how GovSense can help planners? Visit us at the APA Conference April 2-5! We will be with other futurists in the Tech Zone. #DitchtheDinosaurs, get away from all those boring vendors, and join us for the next evolution in planning and development.


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