A Planner’s Guide to Promoting Collaboration in the “Age of The Cloud”

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Collaboration, modernization and transparency are all words that tend to come up every time we talk to planning departments. These words, however, also tend to go missing in action when we ask about current planning processes and find out that the necessary tools and actions to actually achieve these goals are not being considered.

In the Information Age constituents expect to be fully involved, to get constant and updated information and to be a part of the process. After all, it’s the “Age of The Cloud,” we are all craving knowledge and know full well we can get it.  

So, how can planners promote both internal and external collaboration? Here’s your guide to providing updates, transparency and participation to the public about how the planning process is developed and implemented.

1. Take control of your projects

If you read our latest blog on project management, you know that understanding milestones is key. If the planning department is successfully communicating, and milestones, tasks and time frames are being fully understood internally, communicating with the public is less challenging.

2. Don’t waste time

As a planner, it’s not uncommon to find yourself running from place to place and feeling pressured to complete tasks. With so much work to complete and minimal time, it can be hard to share updated information with constituents and other departments. Through the usage of the right tools, however, time management becomes much easier thanks to automation, ability to distribute work across the team and portals to discuss and comment status of projects. 

3. Take advantage of available tools

If innovative tools are available to make a planner’s job easier, why not take advantage of them? A great example of this is using GIS for non-traditional purposes, as it allows local governments to provide transparency while utilizing highly accurate data that helps jurisdictions better plan and predict.

4. There has to be an easier way

With GovSense you can create workflows that are as unique as your role, managing responsibility, resource allocation and deadlines from one location through configurable dashboards.

Want to keep the conversation going? Make sure to stop by booth #533 at the APA National Planning Conference, this May 6-9 in New York City,  to find out how you can better your community, free your planners and achieve automation.

About the APA National Planning Conference

The National Planning Conference by the American Planning Association is the premier planning event of the year, with hundreds of options for tours, advanced training, mobile workshops, special events, and opportunities to network with planners from across the country and around the world.

We’re looking forward to learning more about new trends, challenges, and solutions that are shaping planning, so we can continue to provide innovation for local government.

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