October Sprint-A-Thon

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Another GovSense Sprint-A-Thon is in the books and unfortunately for #teamhaskell, #teamdrew took home the prize. It was an epic challenge that was deeply rooted in Twitter hashtags. However, after the two teams of 8 showcased their solutions, GovSense peers selected #teamdrew as the October Sprint-A-Thon champion.

Both #teamdrew and #teamhaskell had solutions that solved the challenges that local government face each day. #teamdrew focused on everyday needs of building officials and inspection managers; whereas #teamhaskell took on the challenge to help facing forward-focused planning departments solve processes around the US Green Building Council’s LEED initiatives.

Although #teamdrew won this competition, business development rep Chris McMurtagh said “The future for the solution #teamhaskell pitched is bright: we’re seeing more GovSense customers select our solution due to the flexibility we offer our customers. Whether it’s the unique requirements around inspections or green initiatives, GovFramework by GovSense can easily solve specific issues all jurisdictions face.”

Chris said his long-term bet is on #teamhaskell and their LEED success solutions for economic development initiatives while partnering local government.

But today, Drew Humphrey’s team is in the spotlight: Here are the details around the solution that #teamdrew aimed to solve.



Building Officials and Inspection Managers both manage inspection operations for an entire jurisdiction. This data, often times extensive, requires the full attention of management. Therefore staring a stagnant report, list or view of data does not provide an intuitive view of what is occurring in real-time.


Leveraging GovFramework, we are able to design a solution that gives our customers the ability to visualize inspection data in real-time and act upon changes immediately rather than waiting until the end of the day to assist contractors and constituents. Through a powerful User Experience (UX) GovSense can deliver a catalog of inspections that truly represents a real-time, daily storyboard of inspection activities.

Brief Resolution:

Building Officials and Inspection Managers can view complete inspection details in real-time as they occur through GovSense’s easy-to-view visualization tools.


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Congrats to the GovSense GameChangers for winning the October Sprint-A-Thon:

Drew H. – Team Lead
Kirsten F.
Lindsay M.
Joseph  D.
Lorianne C.
Gabi F.
Ryan F.
Tracy C.


We built this in a day. Imagine what GovSense could do for your community!

Stay tuned for our November GovSense Sprint-A-Thon!

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