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Since the dawn of little red schoolhouses, it was hard to imagine a classroom using more than pencil, paper and a chalkboard. But if you’ve been awake at all for the past 10 years, you’ve seen dramatically innovative advances when it comes to technology – Kindergartners learning to read and write with iPads, fourth graders designing and printing things on a 3-D printer and students of all ages reading text books on e-readers.

Just like the schoolhouse, it’s hard to imagine government outside of the box of carbon copies and faxes. But we’re firm believers that technology isn’t just for the private sector and young whippersnappers. The public sector desperately and quickly needs to embrace new technology in order to build smarter communities. By utilizing cutting edge software and systems, government processes can become more efficient, sparing valuable time lawmakers, administrative staff and citizens can use doing more meaningful work.

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  • Instead of standing in line for each business license renewal, entrepreneurs can spend their time inventing new ways to bring business to their community.
  • Instead of leafing through stacks of documents, council members can quickly search and find every record to serve their district constituents and community better.
  • Equally, staff can engage in more informed conversations with customers with a 360 degree view of people, property, projects and processes.

Learn more about how GovSense can help you build a smarter community.

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