The First Unified Financial Management Software System for Local Government – Part 4

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Part four of a five blog series on financial management.

GovSense is a true-cloud financial management software solution focused exclusively on the needs of local government jurisdictions. By creating seamless interdepartmental collaboration, GovSense paves the way for greater transparency, fluid communication and in the end, happier citizens because processes are quick and painless.

GovSense is the Perfect Fit for Jurisdictions Requiring Financial Management Software

GovSense Financial Management Features that Help Jurisdictions Build Smart Communities

Utility Billing — Online utility billing and payments are a must-have for modern jurisdictions; your constituents demand the service and you need to take full advantage of the resource savings it provides. Often dismissed as being “easier said than done,” GovSense can truly make it easy for you to provide secure, dependable and efficient online utility billing. This software module provides benefits to both the jurisdiction and your citizens by:

  • reducing in-person visits and phone calls that save constituents’ time and make it easier for you to manage billing history, resolve issues and receive revenue faster.
  • helping you easily analyze consumption trends based on real-time data.
  • eliminating paper processes so you have access to complete data and can track payments and historical information.
  • providing easy-to-produce, preconfigured reports that facilitate audits, conflict resolutions and increase accuracy of trend data for better decision making.

HCM/Payroll — GovSense helps drive efficiency for your jurisdiction by integrating HR functionality into the same software suite that you can use to run every aspect of your organization, eliminating repetitive and manual processes. The system includes powerful functionality to manage your core HR and workforce management processes, including customizable workflows and reports. The primary features of GovSense HCM/Payroll are:

  • payroll, which is integrated with GovSense accounting features so employees’ time entry and attendance translates directly to their payroll with no manual data entry.
  • time-off management that allows you to create customized time-off plans, automatic time-off accruals and leave balance reports that help employees and managers proactively plan and approve vacation time.
  • HR reporting and analytics that provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, including overviews of head count, growth and turnover trends.
  • the employee directory, which helps employees quickly find and contact the right people for specific issues in your jurisdiction, using keywords to search across all aspects of an employee’s profile.

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Next week: The First Unified Financial Management Software System for Local Government – GovSense for Project Management and Economic Development.

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