7 Steps to Getting Your Head in the Cloud: Step 5

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Part five of a seven blog series on cloud computing for public sector.

The Cloud is Not Alien Technology… “Mere Mortals” Can Quickly Become Power Users

Change is hard. Even if you’re the type of person who embraces change, it’s still difficult and requires focus and discipline to learn something new. That being said, a true cloud software system can significantly reduce training costs because it can be so easy to use. We kept that concept top-of-mind when we built GovSense, our true-cloud solution which is the first unified ERP built for local government. We’re proud to showcase GovSense as a great example of what a true-cloud software experience can be:

  • We specifically and purposefully created our ERP system to bring quality software to local government. We understand your operational needs to successfully service your constituents and customers on a daily basis.
  • While developing our flexible, easy-to-use software, we ensured that implementation and support services were streamlined for ease-of-use and improved user experience during and post-implementation.
  • The system is so easy to navigate that your entire city or jurisdiction can adopt GovSense in no time.
  • A consistent look and feel is provided across departments and devices. You can also enjoy pre-made workflows as well as the ability to create your own custom workflows.
  • You’ll experience an extremely high adoption rate across your entire internal user base due to the system’s ease of use.
  • GovSense utilizes person-drive usability so that each user only sees the functionality they need.
  • The seamless user experience caters to each application and/or process to ensure there are no extraneous or redundant data fields.
  • Your constituents and contractors will get the same experience when they are able to conduct business online without any complexities or hassles.

Whether a person is “computer savvy” or not, everyone is capable of becoming a power user of GovSense which means you get all the value you can from your procurement decision.

Contact us at info@govsense.com for more!

Next week’s blog:

Remember When We Thought We’d All Have Flying Cars by Now… What Does the Future Look Like?

Not all predictions about the future have come true… but some certainly have! Smart phones are truly an idea straight out of science fiction, as are smart watches, driver-less vehicles, drone deliveries, robotics, social media, wireless connectivity… and the list goes on and on. If you are a person who has never lived without the internet, then you are likely of the millennial generation… and you are about to change the face of how local governments work and conduct business.

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