The Cloud for Planners: Out with reactive, in with proactive

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Staying on top of your tasks as a planner is hard enough. If the volume doesn’t slow down, finding a way to manage everything is imperative.

We’ve found that cloud is the answer.

  1. By integrating with Outlook, GovSense provides easy scheduling for events, hearings and any other activities you need to keep track of. 
  2. Managing the workload on top of your department’s workload is a recipe for a stomach ulcer. Simplify resource management with our user-driven workflows and create the system that works exactly the way your jurisdiction needs it to. 
  3. Another aspect of resource management and another source of stress for planners is responsibility routing. A task comes in, who should complete it? Set up the workflow and let the system do all of the juggling. 
  4. In the cloud, GovSense works the same across all devices. So if you need to update an event from the field and all you have is your iPad, that’s absolutely no problem. Go to GovSense from any browser, make the change and it will immediately update throughout the system. We know that planning isn’t solely conducted behind a desk, so we built a unique system that is as flexible, versatile and mobile as you are.

Specifically designed with planners in mind, GovSense gives a constantly-updated, complete picture of everything going on that planners will need to know about from current and upcoming licenses to code details and everything in between. This enables all members of planning departments to quickly access the data they need to make important decisions for their communities. Without such information, planners — and their communities — are left in the dark.

Learn more about what GovSense can do for planners.

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