A 360 View of Your Jurisdiction: Unified Solutions vs. Siloed Alternatives

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When shifting from traditional systems to more modern solutions, it is vital for government agencies to fully understand what each vendor has to offer. A critical aspect to look at when comparing alternatives, for instance, is whether the solutions to be acquired are unified or siloed.

Unified Solutions

Understanding the primary elements that unified solutions provide –and siloed alternatives don’t– is the first step when evolving to smarter, next-generation communities.

So, how can unified solutions provide a 360 view of your jurisdiction?

Consistent Information
When you use one system across all departments, you will have a single jurisdiction-wide version of the truth that you all can count on. With an integrated system, you can easily view reports in a timely fashion that were previously too complicated to compile across disparate systems.

Real-Time Visibility
Say goodbye to wasting countless hours trying to tie unrelated, error-prone and out of date information together. Instead, get a complete 360 view of a person, place or project in a timely fashion. No more uninformed decisions for your jurisdiction because users will be able to access data quickly and efficiently no matter which department the data is coming from.

Empower Constituents and Workers
With unified solutions you can share information within one platform minimizing room for error and unnecessary time delays.

Seamless Integration
Unified cloud solutions can easily integrate with other systems, even if those systems are not cloud-based.

Access for Everyone
Everyone can access and update information from anywhere any time. Users download templates, enter data offline and upload their plans when complete. No more sending out spreadsheets for budget-holders to fill in, waiting for them to return, and then preparing for council members.

Additionally, unified solutions like GovSense will allow you to email reports to the council members on a recurring basis.

The GovSense Commitment

When departments with both cities and counties are on the same GovSense system, our unified solutions lead to collaboration across offices, better transparency, improved communication and higher levels of efficiency.

To learn more about how GovSense can help you get that 360-degree view of your jurisdiction, contact info@govsense.com.

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