The first unified, true-cloud local government software tailored to your jurisdiction's needs.

Seamless interdepartmental collaboration paves the way for greater transparency, fluid communication and happier citizens

Easy. Powerful. Fast.

Accounting Budgeting Fund Management HCM/Payroll Utility Billing Asset Management GIS Code Enforcement Licensing Inspections Permitting Planning Economic Development Project Management

Get user-friendly, local government software tailored to your requirements and implemented in weeks and months; not months or years. GovSense empowers jurisdictions with flexible, easy-to-use GRP (Government Resource Planning) solutions that enable collaboration in finance and accounting, budgeting, utility billing, fund and project management, HCM/Payroll, economic development, asset management, GIS, inspections and enforcement, planning, and permitting and licensing.

GovSense is not just a local government software vendor

We’re your trusted advisor that provides solution recommendations based on your best interests to help your jurisdiction grow.

  • GovSense Leaders

    ...have over 40 years of experience
    with software solutions consulting and implementations.

  • Extensive Experience

    ...with true-cloud technology and how to leverage the cloud to
    improve government processes in revolutionary ways.

  • GovSense Team closely connected with the needs of local government
    and the technology that can meet those needs.