After years of consulting over 150 jurisdictions, we realized with alarming clarity that we needed to disrupt the establishment with drastically different innovation.

We created GovSense to break the mold and provide a better experience to employees and the community.

For years, local government has endured the pain of rigid, poorly designed software solutions.  An industry of copy-cats borrowing ideas and suggestions still only delivering 80% of the user’s requirements.

Vendors providing solutions to local government clumsily operate on the belief that all local governments are the same, avoiding their unique requirements and specifications. Previously, vendors who created local government solutions have forced the jurisdictions into costly and ineffective “new” technologies instead of delivering the results that they previously promised.

GovSense is different.

We designed the GovFramework to change that entire experience. GovFramework is the essence of who we are and what we stand for:

The Cloud is a Principle, not a Software Version.

Our inspiration has always been to solve the needs of local government. To accomplish that, we purposely did not build a separate permitting system, licensing system and inspection module. We built an entirely unique framework.

The GovFramework enables government employees to Make GovSense Mine – enabling them to complete their tasks easily and efficiently.

The GovFramework allows administrators and power users to build workflows and design pages with ease.

The GovFramework empowers users to make informed decisions without running a report or relying on another department.

Builder’s Platform

  • Quickly add custom record types, fields and forms
  • Build true roles lists and sublists
  • Custom tabs or sections necessary to department requirements

Automator’s Platform

  • Build truly automated workflows with our WYSIWYG workflow engine
  • Design templates and clone workflows for maximum efficiency
  • Add unlimited workflow states, actions and iterations
  • Build simple scripts

Inheritor’s Platform

  • Know a GovSense jurisdiction with a similar process or workflow? Ask them to bundle and publish it for additional collaboration opportunities
  • Download processes designed by GovSense or GovSense customers – We give out awards each year for the most published and most downloaded bundles!

Data Gather’s Platform

  • While reports are static, you can design interactive searches to drill down to the data in real time
  • Design interactive views and distribute to the team, users and other departments
  • Download searches if needed in multiple formats
  • Display all of this data and more on dashboards or public portals
  • Design output documents (permits, permit cards, letters, emails, etc.) with our interactive WYSIWYG document designer
  • Use our integration with DocuSign and have your customers digitally sign documents from the comfort of their home

To learn more about what GovSense can do for your jurisdiction, schedule a demo today!

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