Follow code updates in real time.

Our configurable workflows allow each public works department to set up alerts for any updates to municipal code so that everyone has access to the most current information.

Manage resources.

Our transparent system enables managers quick insight into different projects, teams and locations providing unparallelled visibility across the department.

Receive overflowing stormwater reports.

With the use of our CitizenPortal, citizens are able to submit ticket items that are flagged in the system according to location, giving the Public Works Department a streamlined cue to manage instead of disjointed phone and email messages.

Provide transparent floodplain information.

Realtors, contractors, developers, homeowners and prospective home-buyers alike can easily access floodplain information to help inform their building and buying decisions. By providing this information upfront, the Public Works team will have more time for solving issues instead of repeatedly answering the same questions.

Enjoy seamless communication across the department.

GovSense can reach you wherever you are – whether your team is in the field or at their desk. The responsive design allows for a flawless experience no matter the device – GovSense looks and operates the same on a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

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