GIS Developer

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Full Time

You are a smart, proven developer who wants to make a difference by working on a proven cloud platform.

Our goal is to empower you to do great things for your family, your community, and yourself.

We look for developers who exemplify our cultural core values:


We love being #GameChangers each day. We want you to feel the same.

 Next, you probably have a history of doing the following:

Creating full features, relatively unsupervised — WE’RE ALL ADULTS HERE!
Constantly improving your craft — THE MORE YOU KNOW!
Collectively taking ownership & pride in product — GAMECHANGERS DON’T WORK IN SILOS!
Contribute the cause — COLLABORATION IS KEY!

We care more about software engineering principles than specific language wars, but here is our stack:

We believe in a fluid agile methodology for R&D processes.
We focus on dynamic, service-oriented architecture.
We provide a single client facing platform supported by other services, an internal API to connect them, and an external API for customers and partners.
We manage continuous integration and continuous deployment for weekly, monthly, and quarterly deployment.
We build using Javascript and innovative JS Libraries, HTML 5, SOAP & RESTful services, and some C#.
We require Cloud application development and integration experience, solid knowledge of ESRI’s Javascript API, ArcGIS Web platform (Server and Online), and strong command of the javascript language.

Some Bonuses!

You have experience working with ERP solutions
You have previously built integrations with any of our partners or comparable solutions.
You really have a strong understanding of modern integration processes, authentication best practices, etc.
You love collaborating with team members and customers to build next-generation solutions.
You secretly want to be one of our rotating DJ’s.

Why should you join our team:

Any software company can say you have the opportunity to impact customers; but, how many companies can say you have the ability to shape the future.
Avoid awkward conversations about your career. GovSense is one of the few solutions that postitively impacts citizens, hence everyone.
We invest in employee growth, provide Health + Benefits, have a solid team, and strong culture.

Tell us why you want to join GovSense!

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